Judges 2017



Sheena Markham

Stanair Services

 Sheena Markham has been a Director at Stanair for over three decades and began her career with the Northamptonshire based firm when she was just 17.Born in Yorkshire, Sheena has been fundamental in guiding the company through sustained growth to its current strong financial position as a national leader in its field.

“As a business we are all about people.” Sheena says. “Our engineers, our staff and our fellow Directors are all people who give Stanair its quality. Without them and their commitment to the business we would not be where we are today”

Priding herself on bringing her best out of people Sheena identifies one of her biggest skills as helping guide the business through good and challenging economic times.

She also enjoys international travel, has frequently visited Africa and has recently taken up golf and is a member at Wellingborough Golf Club. Her principal unfulfilled wish? To enjoy Space travel!